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€ 44.95
product not available for purchase out of stock
Designer: Sergio Matsumoto
Play Time: 15-20 min
Players: 2-8
Age: 10+
Publisher: DTDA
Ordercode: PU259
Publication Date: 04/11/2021
This edition features Light Hunters base game, as well as all its expansions: Rise of the East, Dawn of Amazonia, Wind of the Dunes & Tide of Atlantis.

The box art has been redesigned and an holographic effect has been applied.

A total of 24 Heroes are available for epic clashes up to 8 players. Each Hero offers specific gameplay mechanics, and the team combination gives you the possibility of imagining dark strategies for even more fantastic confrontations. Includes Duel mode.

It is time to gather your battalion and prove to the Gods your true worth.

Box content:
• 24 epic Heroes
? 8 “Heroes” cards 63x170 mm + 1 “Skeleton” card

? 8 “Heroes” cards 63x170 mm
+ 1 “Familiar spirit” card from the expansion Rise of the East & Dawn of Amazonia

? 9 “Heroes” cards 63x170 mm
+ 1 “Familiar spirit” card from the expansion Wind of the Dunes & Tide of Atlantis

• 70 Spirits of Light cards 63x88 mm Available in a unique graphic design

• 84 tokens

? 50 Battalion of Darkness tokens
? 24 Dunes & Atlantis tokens
? 10 Duel tokens

• 2 help cards
• 1 rules booklet in english

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