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Postage & Shipping

Our postage and shipping policies.

Where do we ship ?

Anywhere in the World ( off-world if need be ( postage fee to be determined ) ).

How do we ship ?

At this moment we use the Belgian Post Office for all our packages.

What does it cost you?

We ship at different rates according to the country you live in. This fee will be the same for any size order you place.

All packages have Track & Trace and Insurance.

When can you expect your delivery ?

After we have received your order and proof of payment, we will dispatch your order within 5 working days. According to the country you live in you can use the list below for an estimate delivery time after the order has been dispatched.

  • Belgium : 1-2 days
  • Europe : 4-12 days
  • rest of the World : 10-20 days

Customs Fees and Duties

Fees and duties levied against incoming parcels vary from country to country. The shipper has no control over the policies of your country. We must label each parcel according to the Belgian export regulation. However, if you have special instructions that you think will reduce the charges levied by your government, tell us via email. For example, we can label your comics as books, magazines, periodicals or printed matterif one of these labels is more likely to reduce the fee you must pay your government. We cannot misrepresent the value of the parcel or mark the package as a gift.

How do we pack your order ?

We will try to do our best to pack your order safely for transport. This means that the way we pack your order should protect your items for any normal handling of the package. Of course we can not guarantee the person or company delivering the package to you will handle it with propper care. If you receive items that are not in good condition please check our return and refund section below.

Would you like your comics bag and boarded ?

Follow this link and add the required amount to your cart. Please do not add more than the amount of comics purchased. If you need extra bags and boards please use the packs of 100 pieces ( follow link : 100 bags / 100 boards ).

What to do if one or more items of my delivery are damaged or incomplete ?

Follow the following steps to determine what kind of damage it is :

  • Are the damages or missing pieces the result of transport ? ( check the package to determine )
  • Are the damages or missing pieces the result of packing ? ( package is undamaged but the books inside are not )
  • Are the damages or missing pieces only visible when you use the item ? ( book with missing or ripped pages for example )

Please send us this information with the e-mail that has your purchase details.

We will then find out how we will best proceed.
We'll keep you informed through the e-mail you have provided us.