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"Get off your pc & go buy some comics @World's End"


“A man can learn all of an opponent's weaknesses on that board,' said Gilt.
'Really?' said Vetinari, raising his eyebrows. 'Should not he be trying to learn his own?”

- Terry Pratchett, Going Postal -

Role Playing games

Role players will feel right at home in our cubicle like rooms, where they can really focus on their adventure. To support the play experience we have scenery at the miniatures tables is free to use, just be careful with them and put them back where you found them.

Going on an adventure makes you thirsty, that's we why have the Role Play Drinking Chart. Buy 4 drinks for you and your buddies and roll a D20, check the chart and that 5th drink is on us! From a cool soda, a nice pint to a colorful but strong shot, you'll always get some great loot at the table.

Are you a GM looking for players, or players looking for a GM, want to tryout a homebrew campaign or setting? Find your fellow adventurers at Roleplayers at WEC.

Board Games

Our board games selection ranges from smaller beginner games to the hefty table fillers that will keep you entertained all night.
From well known publishers like Fantasy Flight Games to indie game gems like Leder Games, we carry it all. And what we don't have, we can probably order for you. Most of our games are in English, but we have a small section of Dutch and languages independent games as well.

We wouldn't be a comics and game shop if we didn't have any games for you to try out at the spot. We have a humble but diverse game library where you can rent games for free. Don't know what to pick? Let us advise you!

You are of course welcome to bring your own games to play with your friends. We are the ideal location for your game night, we have plenty of spacious tables for you to sit down, have drink and enjoy your game. You can find fellow players at Boardgamers at WEC.

Food from outside is ok, just no outside drinks. Small snacks are available at the bar.

We regularly have game demo moments where you can just sit down and let us do the explaining. The games we demo are pretty varied, ranging from older, new to not yet available as we demo Kickstarter previews too.

Next to demo nights we host all sorts of events like tournaments, prototype tryouts, International Tabletop Day...

Miniatures Games

In the play area of the shop we have tables specially made for miniatures games. The small tables are 4x4ft to accommodate games like Warmahordes, and can be reduced to 3x3ft with a wooden frame to fit games like Guildball or Star Wars X-wing. The large tables are 4x6ft for your larger miniatures games like 40K or Star Wars Armada.

Each table has boxes with scenery in a certain theme underneath, feel free to try out different setups for your games as long as everything goes back in their right place. You can look for opponents at Tabletop Games at WEC.

Next to the bar you can find a rack with play mats with the most conventional dimensions, in different themes like star field, grass, dessert,...
Both the scenery and game mats are free to use, please take care of them.

Want to get your miniatures painted or based? Check out our Painting Supplies. For storage solutions and other accessories check our Gaming Supplies.

Card Games

We host pre-releases and Sneak Peeks for the 3 most popular TCGs: Magic The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh! Are you looking for opponents then you can contact them through one of these groups!

If you are in the need for the right sleeves or deck boxes you can find those under card supplies.

Gaming Supplies

Looking for cool dice, bags to carry them in, sleeves for your cards or boxes to hold them in. We've got it.Protect your minis in foams and a bag to hold those, look no further. We carry some great brands.

Painting Supplies

Yeah you really want those minis to looks their best and you want to do it yourself. We've got a nice corner set up at the store where you will find some of the best paints and hobby materials in the business. If you need tips then we can accommodate. Our staffmembers are well trained in the art of painting.


The Worlds' End is also the gathering place for lots of gaming clubs. Maybe you also want to be part of one of these communities ? Don't hesitate to ask.

When you are part of an offcial gaming club and you purchase at the local shop you will receive a discount on all of your gaming needs.

Here are some of our regulars :


Gamers’ Guild

Gamers' Guild (previously known as Thunderbolts) has been around in Ghent since 2008. They play all kinds of games. You likely bumb into some of them on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Discord link here


Red Barons

The Red Barons is a miniatures wargames club from Gent, Belgium. They've been active for over 30 years and are still going strong. Thursday is theri meeting day.



Nemesis is an Atypical student fraternity for board game enthousiasts and fantasy lovers. You'll find them at Worlds' End on Tuesday evenings.


DnD Ghent

Dungeons and Dragons Ghent meets up every first and third Wednesday of the month. Wanna step into the world of elves, dwarfs and dragons ? Get in contact with these guys.