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Nightwing 2021 TP
€ 18.00
Back in stock soon
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Various
Cover Artist: Bruno Redondo
Publisher: DC Comics
Ordercode: 0224DC191
Publication Date: 11/06/2024
Art by Bruno Redondo, Geraldo Borges, Caio Filipe and More After using the Pennyworth Foundation to create a haven for unhoused kids, Dick Grayson's got a target on his back. It's a good thing he's under the protection of Nightwing, and the Titans, and Bludhaven's new commissioner! Now Blockbuster's finding it difficult for his hit men to get Grayson...until Heartless offers Blockbuster a deal he cannot refuse. By the end of this battle, someone will find out who Nightwing is, someone will get their heart taken out, and Bludhaven will be changed forever. Collects NIGHTWING #92-96.

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