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€ 17.50
product not available for purchase out of stock
Ordercode: IWKH0006
Publication Date: 19/04/2022

Ethical dilemmas and family friendly scenarios. YOU’LL HAVE TO TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF IT ALL!

“I Would Save Lincoln” is the family friendly expansion pack for "I Would Kill Hitler" complete with family friendly cards that will allow you to play the game with friends and family of all ages. You’ll answer weird, wild, and wonky “What Would YOU Do?” hypothetical questions. You’ll use cards in their hands to add a pinch of HILARITY to your story.

? 45 Hypothetical Cards, 155 Plot Cards
? Mainstream appeal: Light, approachable party card game with storytelling and improvisation mechanisms
? 88% of B2C consumers by at least 1 expansion with purchase
? Can be played with the original game or as a STANDALONE GAME
? New Yearly Expansions
? Made out of spite 

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