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Spotlight at Worlds' End: Spawn


25 years ago, Spawn #1 was released at Image Comics. He quickly grew to be one of the most important comic book franchises in the industry.

An Image was created...

Back when Image Comics was created in 1992, they started out with 3 series: Youngblood, The Savage Dragon and, you guessed it: Spawn. The First issue sold over 1.7 million copies and During Spawn's second year of publication, Wizard noted that "The top dog at Image is undoubtedly Todd McFarlane's Spawn, which, without the added marketing push of fancy covers, polybagged issues, or card inserts has become the best-selling comic on a consistent basis that is currently being published."Needless to say, Spawn's a pretty big deal and played a huge part in the launch of Image Comics.

Spawn spun off in several other series like Angela, Curse of the Spawn, Sam & Twitch, and the Japanese manga Shadows of Spawn. You might know Angela from the Marvel comics as she now resides in Earth-616.

Spawn Point

Al Simmons is a highly trained Force Recon Marine working for the CIA. In a blazing inferno Simmons is killed and is sent to Hel where he makes a deal with a demon called Malebolgia. He wants to go back to earth to see his wife one last time but when he gets back 5 years has gone by and his wife is married to his best friend.

It was then made clear to Spawn what the purpose of his resurrection was. He became a dark and brutal antihero gaining attention from detective duo Sam Burke & Twitch Wiliams. He quickly got the nickname "King of Rat-City", which was a selection of alleys where bums & homeless lived. In Rat-City he got to know Cogliostro, who ultimately became a mentor of Spawn.

Recommended Reads

It wouldn’t be much of a spotlight if we didn’t help you to easily discover the artist. That is why we selected a handful of comics for you guys to read! 

Spawn Origins Volumes

The absolute origin story of Spawn! Discover how it all started with awesome artwork from Todd McFarlane. This collects the Spawn #1 - #6 and features all new cover art with new interpretations of classic Spawn covers by Greg Capullo and others!

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