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What is a Fidelity Card?

As a customer in the Worlds' End you will automatically get a fidelity card. This is in fact a card where you will build up a credit that you'll be able to use after your 10th purchase.

  • How does a fidelity card work ?
    Every purchase you do in the local shop or online is added to your fidelity card. After 10 purchases the system calculates your average monthly purchase. Then you get a percentage on the total of those purchases and you can spend that ammount as a credit on new purchases. You can keep track of your fidelity card in the myWorld section when logged in.
  • How is the percentage calculated ?
    The ammount of your average monthly purchase indicates how big the credit will be. Customers who spend more will receive a bigger credit than others. The minimum is 5% and the maximum is 15%. Normally you will receive 10% if you visit the WEC regularly.
  • How do you use your credit ?
    You can use your credit in the physical shop or online. In the physical shop we will notify you when you have a credit, online you can check the status in myWorld when you are logged in and you can use it when you finish a purchase in the shopping cart.

    You don't even have to use the entire credit, you can use a part or even save up your credit and add it to a future credit(s).
  • Exception that do not add up to the credit:
    Discounted or sales items are not used when calculating credit. When you get a discount because of being in a club, student fraternity or other such organisation those sales are also not added. When getting discounts through coupons the purchases will also not be added. So anytime your purchases are discounted in any way, the purchases will not be added to the fidelity card system. All products that are full price will of course be added to the calculation.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask via our contacts page.

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